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Sizing-up Kidswear - Summer 2022


Shoppers are telling us Childrenswear on the UK High Street doesn't measure up...


Most high street charts have either identical or near identical measurements for girls and boys up until puberty (child-shaped, right?), but in reality, girls clothes seem smaller, shorter and tighter to those sold as 'boys.' For example, you could buy a white t-shirt from the boys section, and another from the girls in the same age, and end up with two completely different sized products.

We believe there is widespread practice of designing smaller and shorter 'for girls,' opposite baggy and shapeless 'for boys,' based on gender stereotypes, that make it difficult for shoppers to buy accurately sized childrenswear.


For shoppers who purchase clothing from the girls section this results in an added 'pink tax,' resulting in smaller clothes being replaced more quickly due to natural shrinkage and inevitably, growth spurts. Boys clothes may last longer, but parent/s and families are telling us they want a choice of fit, not simply a 'potato sack' in muted grey and blue colours.

If sizing across childrenswear is influenced by gender marketing, and bares not relation to the sizing charts retailers provide, what does this means for shoppers in the UK? 

Help us gather the evidence needed to challenge retailers on this issue.


What you can do to help

Throughout May, June and July we want you to send us some simple measurements of the childrenswear that you buy, helping us gather evidence of clothing size for Summer 2022 on the UK high street.

We are want measurements of t-shirts and regular shorts (no swim shorts please) from ages 0 - 9 years before their first wash, from both the girls and boys sections purchased at the following retailers:









Marks and Spencer, TU Sainsburys, H&M, Next,

Primark, George Asda, John Lewis, Matalan, and Gap

Alternatively, if you don't shop from these stores but would still like to contribute, please send us your photos illustrating any sizing difference between like-for-like clothing of the same size, from the girls or boys sections. These images go a long way to proving the discrepancies between what stores advertise as 'size' compared to the reality based on gender design and marketing.

Please do not measure clothing in store (that you don't intend to purchase) on our behalf, and only use the items that you have purchased and can measure at home. 

Use our form below to submit your measurements, or email 

For further information, or simply to chat about our new campaign, please email Fran at

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Send us your measurements and we'll give you the chance to win £200+ worth of vouchers to spend at the following Childrenswear shops!



Submit your measurements below!

Send us your measurements here:

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Competition Terms & Conditions**

All entrants must be over 18 and living in the UK at the time of the Sizing-up Kidswear Event. 

To enter the prize draw please include your name and a valid email address when submitting your measurements via the form above. You may enter the draw up to a maximum 10 times in this way.

The Prize Draw will take place on August 31st 2022, and the winner will be contacted via Email. By submitting your email address to the above form, you are agreeing for us to contact you in this way. Your data will be held securely and not be shared with a third party.

The Prize is a set of vouchers with a retail value of £200+. These vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, and may only be used as stipulated with the following retailers:

Beeboobuzz (Childrenswear 0-7 years) £50 Voucher

The Feminist Shop - A Book and Child's T-Shirt

Ducky Zebra (Childrenswear 0-6 years) £30 Voucher

Sunbow Kids (Childrenswear 0-7 years £20 Voucher

Dragons and Daisies (Adult and Childrenswear) £10 Voucher

Brave Young Things (Baby and Toddler 0-3 years) £30 Voucher

Monty & Co (Adult and Childrenswear) £75 Voucher

The promoter reserves the right to provide a substitute prize of similar value should the need arise. The payment of all costs and expenses involved in claiming a Prize (such as postage and packaging) are the responsibility of the winner.

Entry implies acceptance of these terms and conditions as final and binding.  Entries which are not in accordance with the terms and conditions will be disqualified. Entrants are required to meet this Entry Criteria but otherwise no purchase is necessary.