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Our award is aimed at retailers who sell Children's clothing and footwear only. We are mainly UK based but will accept applications from International brands too.


Clothing must be designed and marketed for all children. We use the term "unisex" but gender-neutral is fine too. What you offer is choice free of sexist stereotyping.


Gender-code conscious is really important, recognising that specific colours, themes and slogans are used in opposition to each other to represent "for girls" or "for boys." A prime example of this is offering only pink or blue options.


Tags and SEO should also reflect you are a unisex brand, and proud! Listing "girls clothing" AND "boys clothing" for a single item of clothing is fine. After all, why halve your potential market by pitching just to girls, or just to boys. More and more parents are choosing unisex brands, help them find you!


Photographs should market the inclusiveness of your brand, depicting girls and boys wearing the same styles and colours, against the same backgrounds and themes. 


Avoid slogans that make reference to gender in a way that could be construed as stereotyping. For example, "Sweet Big Sister" opposite "Tough Big Brother" - because boys can be sweet, and girls can be tough too right? 


Don't ban anything! We love pink and blue, they are just two shades of a whole spectrum. Plus dresses, princesses etc are fine by us. We want more choice, not less. We want to support retailers who are saying boys and girls should be free to choose what they want to wear, in the colours, themes and slogans they love. 


We check for all of the above to make sure applicants fit the criteria of the award, and as such cannot accept applications from businesses based solely on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. Businesses must have either a website or an established shop in a broader marketplace such as Etsy.



(especially of clothing or hairstyles) designed to be suitable for both sexes.

Gender Neutral. 


suitable for, applicable to, or common to both male and female genders.


Unisex. For All




Sweet, Lovely, Pretty, Love, Hearts, Sparkle, Glitter, Fashion, 

Beautiful, Happy

Trouble, Cheeky, Bored, Monkey, Brave, Hero, Strong, Cool, Power, Genius

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Moves to ban skirts in some schools for example, have proven deeply unpopular with parents and pupils

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We want choice, not sexist stereotypes.