Letter writing template

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You want a shopping experience that is quick and simple, not frustrating and time consuming.

You are concerned about value for money

Shops are missing opportunities to take your money!

Valid concerns relating to your specific situation

You can always take your money elsewhere

I have been a loyal customer of  <company name> for <years> but I wish to make a complaint about <an item of clothing, display or marketing campaign> 

I have always valued your customer service and wanted to reach out and give you feedback on this <issue.> I was very disappointed to find that girls/boys (delete as appropriate) are being excluded from your <range, campaign> 

As a responsible retailer, I urge you to commit to ending the use of gender stereotypes in the design and marketing of clothing and accessories for children. 

I regularly use <company name> to shop for children’s clothes and find it very awkward and time consuming having to look through both girls and boys departments for my/an <year old> Since your children’s sizing guide gives the same measurements for waist, chest and height up until puberty, it would be far easier for me to buy clothes based on <type, age, character, style, colour> instead. 

I find the split of designs into “for girls” and “for boys” based on harmful gender stereotypes unhelpful and offensive, and have decided to shop elsewhere until this changes. 

Many of the clothes in your girls section are impractical for active children, and are cut shorter and tighter.. This also means that after one or two washes clothes no longer fit and are therefore not good value for my money.

The clothes you offer as “for boys” are shapeless and nearly all grey or blue. I would love to see more colours offered to young boys, and ask that you consider removing your “for girls” and “for boys” sections in favour of one childrenswear department. My son loves sequins and pink, but why should he have to shop in the “girls” section to find them?


My daughter would love a Minecraft t-shirt - why are you selling these as “for boys” only?

My son loves animals, but why do all your animal designs feature sharks, bears and dinosaurs with very prominent teeth? He loves rabbits and has a hamster called Lily <specifics here>

I was looking to buy school shoes for my children but was dismayed at the lack of choice. For older girls the shoes are based around fashionable designs but are impractical for my child walking to and from school. On the other hand the boys shoes are based around the trainer style which is far more comfortable. Unfortunately my daughter will not shop from your boys section as she fears being bullied at school if she does.

I visited your store on <date> to find <specific design or style> but you had none in the girls section, and in the boys section they were all in dark and dull colours. Would it be possible to rethink this approach and design for all children instead?

Gender stereotyping is harmful and I intend to take my custom elsewhere until you commit to ending this practice. Children should not be split into either “for girls” or “for boys” based on lazy gender stereotypes but given choice instead. 

Why not a whole rainbow of choice, rather than just pink or blue?


I want more choice, not less.


Until <company> rethink their childrenswear I intend to shop elsewhere and give my/children real choice. 


Yours sincerely

 <your name, appropriate contact details>