Silly Stereotypes 2018

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

In 2019 we're asking retailers to abandon sexist gender stereotypes in the design and marketing of children's clothes. Here's a look at what our supporters challenged in 2018!

1 - The Death Star and... hearts?

2. Boy and Girl Astronauts at M&S (who wouldn't want a fairy wand? Boys apparently)

3. Another year of asking, where's Skye?

4. Legoland Windsor showed there is a standard knight, and then there is the girls version... Yes, its pink.

5. Blue Zoo at Debenhams: Girls "Always cute and giggly" and boys "Here comes trouble!" - Nope.

6. Poundland, getting in there early.

7. George at Asda, but girls can be smart and boys can be sweet? No?

8. Levi - Girl and boy fit (despite the same measurements in their sizing charts up until puberty) Don't see it? Read on.

How about now?

9. Lidl gets scary at Halloween... Girl or boy style.

10. More classic gender coding by George at Asda.

11. "Tested to Destruction" Boys shoes at Treads Shoes - but don't worry, they're working on a "girls shoe" design for 2019 (because girls can't wear these?)

12. My personal favourite - girls need shorter shorts to make it easier to "cartwheel." Mmmm.

Thank you to everyone who sent photos, commented and tweeted in 2018 - these are great examples of the problems children, parents and consumers face when shopping on the UK high street. After all, we don't want less choice, we want choice to begin with, and that means designing for children, not "for girls" and "for boys" based on outdated gender stereotypes. To read more about stereotyping, please click here.

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