Gender Stereotypes are limiting childrens potential and causing lifelong harm - Report by Fawcett Society Commission 2020

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Girl Guiding UK Girls Additude Survey - Gender Stereotypes

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Ethical Consumer Magazine on how "Girls feet bear the brunt of Gender Stereotypes"

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Toys are more divided by gender now than they were 50 years ago

Summary of Post-doctoral Research by Elizabeth Sweet

Professor Gina Rippon author of "The Gendered Brain" on how breakthroughs in neuroscience help dispel stereotypes.

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Fawcett Society research shows exposure to gender stereotypes as a child causes harm later in life

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Children's career aspirations limited by gender stereotypes and background

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NUT Guidance for Teachers - Stereotypes stop you doing stuff

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You are your looks: that's what society tells girls. No wonder they're depressed

Natasha Devon, The Guardian

Study by Uppsala University finds "gender-neutral conscious" approach to school prevents children gender stereotyping

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UK Government Research on effects of stereotypes on men & boys

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Depictions, perceptions and harm: ASA Report on Stereotyping

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Girls and boys are taught Science differently, new study finds

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Bailey Review 2011: Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood

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The Samaritans: Men, Suicide and Society

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BRC Guidelines: Responsible retailing of Childrenswear

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After 42 years of sex discrimination laws, why force schoolgirls to wear skirts?

Barrister Anna Macey for The Guardian

School Uniform - Dressing Girls to Fail (2021)

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