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Bright and colourful Organic baby clothes from our official sponsor!

The idea behind Beeboobuzz is to offer good quality organic, bright and colourful gender neutral baby clothes that provide an alternative to the limited range available elsewhere. Our clothing can easily be mixed and matched with rompers, pinafores, dungarees, skirts or trousers, or used to layer up. 

Our cotton is organic and is woven and dyed in the UK and our clothes are also manufactured in the U.K. We're starting with a small range but hope to be able to add more products and colours in future. 

JECO Logo Square.jpg


Organic clothing designed in Devon, Ethically made in India

Small family run organic clothing brand based in Devon. Our aim is to create beautiful, fun clothing that is comfy for your children to wear whilst they get stuck into life’s little adventures.


All our exclusive prints are created from watercolour paintings that have been hand painted by Justine. So you can be sure that when you buy your clothes from us you will be dressing your little ones in something truly unique.

Website: www.dressedinjeco.co.uk

Insta: www.instagram.com/dressedinjeco

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dressedinjeco


Wear all the colours

Handmade comfy colourful unisex & FUN clothing 

"At Wear all the Colours we make colourful and unisex clothing from quality organic jersey fabrics. We love rainbows, vibrant patterns and believe that all the colours are for everyone!"

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Little Green Radicals

Organic & Fairtrade Childrenswear, from super-soft PJ's to Dresses, Trousers and Snowsuits

"Our farmers, based in India, get a guaranteed price for their cotton, and they don’t use nasty pesticides. The factories we work with look after their employees, who get fair wages, maternity leave, and many of the other things you would expect from decent factories."


Mimi & Will

Original Design-led Organic T-Shirts!


"We create bold designs for kids, and we don’t separate our range by gender.

We like t-shirts. We also like great design, beautiful illustration and colourful prints, and we especially like supporting the independent designers, makers and artists who create these wonderful things.

We don’t produce separate ranges for boys and girls. They’re t-shirts, right? Pick a design you love, or let your kids decide.  They’ll love how it looks and feels, you’ll love how easy it is to wash and wear, and you can pass it on to a smaller person when you’re done."

MM T-Shirts_edited.jpg

Maddie Moate T-Shirts

Stay curious with this fantastic range of STEM themed organic t-shirt's from Science presenter and BBC Cbeebies Do you know? - Maddie Moate!

"Maddie's Junior Scientist collection has been inspired by budding innovators, explorers, makers and the exciting adventures that lay ahead of them. Every awesome t-shirt is printed on soft organic cotton and made in factories powered by renewable energy!"


Topsy & Bo

Wonderful handmade clothing from Gemma at Topsy & Bo!

"I have a love for rainbows, fairies and toadstools so this will show through my makes. I also have a weak spot for the pixie hood items. I believe children's clothing should be comfortable and allow play, with fun prints to allow kids to be kids!"


Etsy Shop



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The Feminist Shop

Wearable activism for feMINIsts (and parents). Our clothes are conversation starters and statement makers!

Our apparel is certified organic cotton and fair wear (ensuring good labour conditions), the factory where the garment is made is powered with renewable energy with certified climate neutral impact, the ink is vegan and the delivery is plastic free! We have designed our unisex comfy clothes for kids (and big range for adults too) so they embrace our feminist values of a better society but also a more sustainable world! 



Award winning unisex brand for children


Our kid’s clothing and accessories are stylish, practical, colourful, hardwearing and designed to be worn by both girls and boys alike.

"I wanted to produce something directional, stylish and exciting which reflected a child’s imagination and the colourful world we live in. I wanted to offer an alternative to the sea of pinks and blues, whilst also being practical, easy care, quality clothing. A unisex range which doesn’t limit a kid and let’s a child be a child."


SnuggyBunny Clothing

Colourful and fun handmade unisex clothes!

"I pride myself on creating wonderful unisex garments and styles, I feel it is very important to let our children explore colours and styles of clothing without being forcibly restricted by gender stereotypes, it has been proven damaging to developing minds when unable to like certain things due to archaic stereotyping"

Toucan Blue

Be bold. Be brave. Be you.

"Launched in 2017, Toucan Blue is an exciting, independent clothing brand for little girls and boys who want to wear something a bit different. Designed and carefully made in Britain, we make kids clothes that are hard wearing, comfortable and fun. Striving for an ethos of empowerment, Toucan Blue offers kids so much more than an exciting new wardrobe... it offers them the belief they can wear, play with, and be, anything they want, regardless of their sex."



Handmade clothing in unique in-house designed fabrics by owner Lizzie at Lizziebug.

"In 2018 I started designing my own fabric and now have a growing range of exclusive fabrics including Lemurs, Penguins and Popcorn (and Christmas Dinos!). 


I love creating bold, colourful and fun designs that let kids speak for themselves and clothes that keep them comfy whilst exploring the world around them. I fully believe in letting clothes be clothes and that we need to do away completely with gender stereotyping in childrenswear. "

D and D Beatbot Tee.png

Dragons & daisies

Empowering slogans Tee's, "Original" Jumpers & Caps for children and adults.

We like to make t-shirts with big bold prints inspired by our hobbies and adventures in life; music, reading, nature etc. Each print originates in the heart and imagination of Mlle E (6) and Mstr Zee (5) and is brought to life with the help of our very talented graphic designer. Our tees are for likkle peeps who want to express their uniqueness through street art inspired prints and those who love stories.

Wilf hoodie.jpg


Facebook based homemade childrenswear in bright colour fabrics

"Wifflepig's came about shortly after I had my son, Wilf (known as Wifflepig). I had never realised how limited and boring clothing aimed at boys was before he was born. So, I set to work, I dug out my sewing machine, and Wifflepig's was born. Our main aim is to create brightly coloured, fun and functional clothing for small children. Clothes that can let them run, jump, climb and express themselves. Clothes that children be children. Wifflepig's are based on Facebook, with most items being made to order, however we do lots of pop up events in our local area, so we are always busy!"



Organic t-shirts focused on caring for our Planet

We first decided to set up Umma Stuff in 2017 while getting to grips with being new parents, and becoming frustrated by the lack of fun, colourful designs and high quality clothes for kids, as well as the clear boy/girl divide even among newborn clothes on the high street. 

Many of our designs are inspired by the natural world as we are really passionate about raising our son to understand the importance of respecting and looking after our planet.

Equalitee red.jpg


T-Shirts and accessories that directly challenge gender stereotypes and put the fun back into childrenswear.

"Candidly is a platform to drive candid conversations on issues of gender, media & culture and their influence on children and young adults.

These issues are playing a deep role in defining how our young ones see themselves, the world outside, and how these perspectives reflect in their development, physical and mental well-being, and their life choices."

Oh baby babywear Rainbow Top.jpg

Oh Baby

Beautiful handmade Babywear in fantastic colours and prints

"When my daughter came along, I couldn’t help noticing that the gender
stereotyping of children’s clothing was rife on the high street. Relentless aisles of pink and blue, I was surprised at the obvious division between genders and uninspired by the patterns and colours
available for tiny people. And so ‘Oh Baby’ was born. My clothes are never separated by gender, and I firmly believe patterns and colours are for everyone. I love searching for quirky fabrics for my creations and each one is hand-cut and sewn by me in Skipton, North Yorkshire."

Tuttifrutti Organic Penguin Leggings.png

Tutti Frutti Clothing

Ethical, sustainable childrenswear, handmade to order by Ali at Tuttifrutti Clothing

"You care about our planet and its people and know that by making better choices you can make a difference. You want to buy clothes that will last and can be passed down through your family or onto friends. So do I. That's why everything Tutti Frutti Clothing makes is made from responsibly sourced, ethical and sustainable fabric. My designs are simple, easy to wear and unisex."


Monty & Co

An exciting new collection of traditional hard-wearing work-wear garments, reinterpreted for children - Made in Britain

"Our styles are informed by the past and inspired by a love of history, utility and heritage. We create quality clothing that is crafted by traditional hand methods. Honestly and sustainably produced by small batch production. All our garments are made with hard-wearing traditional textiles using 100% natural fibres, allowing a garment to get better and

softer with age, washing and wear. We are committed to making clothes to last to hold those special childhood memories and become firm wardrobe favourites. We want our garments to become modern heirlooms that are treasured and proudly passed down to future generations."

MCC RK Tiger Dung 1.jpg

Mint Cake Club

Beautiful handmade childrenswear in awesome fabrics

"The idea for Mint Cake Club came about when I struggled to find gender neutral, modern leggings for my baby which fitted well over her bulky cloth nappies. Anything with an elasticated waist just looked so uncomfortable, so I decided to make her some leggings with extra room in the bum, and a soft drawstring waist. Soon friends and family were asking for them and it rolled on from there! "

arty wren sweatshirt.jpg

Arty Wren

Fantastic new brand, ArtyWren offers  childrens clothing from 2 to 10 years with ZERO waste. Available for pre-order only

"ArtyWren’s mission is to reduce the impact fashion has on the planet and inspire children everywhere to live without limits. Shop organic cotton tees, sweatshirts and leggings by themes like Outer Space, Imagination, Prehistoric and Science. 'Shop by theme' replaces traditional boy and girl sections, making all clothing accessible to all children."

GFWorld Promo Image.jpg


Positive slogan T-Shirt Range for children (And lots for adults!) at the original "Clothing without labels" store

"GFW 'just me' and 'bee-ing' ranges for children, celebrating children's individuality, all on soft organic cotton. The ranges are not separated into boys or girls, as clothes don't have a gender do they?  Pick a design you love, or let your kids decide."


Little Leaf Organic

Super soft Organic Baby Clothes from Little Leaf Organic

"All LittleLeaf baby clothes are ethically made from 100% organic cotton, totally free from contact with pesticides or harmful chemicals, and much kinder on your baby’s sensitive skin. Bright and colourful by design, they’re also unisex, so can be passed from sister to brother and vice versa. Go ahead and treat yourself or a friend to something naturally gorgeous!

tubs togs.jpg

Tubs Togs

Handmade Children's Clothes inspired by Scandinavian Design

"Tub's Togs  is a UK children's clothing brand  born from my passion to sew garments for my children that do not adhere to the high street gender stereotypes.


I enjoy working with high quality organic cotton jersey and limited custom designer knits. Offering baby and children's clothes that are  trendy, unique and are more ethical than run of the mill fabrics. I am inspired by quirky Scandinavian patterns, bold rainbow prints and whimsical designs."

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